EXPOSED: Verifiable Proof Derrick Grayson Supported T-SPLOST

Derrick Grayson, also known as TMOT, is a candidate running for Senate in Georgia.

Rumors that he supported the redistributionist T-SPLOST, a 10-year penny sales tax scheme have now been substantiated.

A website that copies Youtube videos and their information, such as upload name, showed that Grayson had created a video called  “Damn It If You Don’t Vote Yes for T-Splost”. The video itself had since been listed as “private”.

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Information obtained from the “New Georgia Republican Leadership For Principles Above Politicians” Facebook group yielded written admission by Grayson of his support for the tax.

Weblink Here (Requires group membership to view):

Screenshots Here:

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On his issues page, Grayson claims “Taxes, They Hurt”.

Weblink here:

Yes they do.

Why should Atlanta be able to leach off of the hard-earned tax dollars of the rest of the state of Georgia?

Should a Marta employee, who’s employer would benefit greatly from the huge revenue increases that T-SPLOST would have created, be our next Senator?

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